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the unique tech team

Company Overview

SoftJoys has been founded by a well-known seasoned engineering team to develop new communication products and services and soon became one of the best in the world software team.

Technology focus and our experience

We have an unique technical expertise in messaging, VoIP and IoT for cloud, mobile and embedded systems as well as in software development like:

We have a fully equipped test and R&D lab and team of enineers with working proficiency in

You may remember our team as SJLabs.com, a pioneer of VoIP with many “Product of the Year” awards, well known for our pioneer product — SJphone, softphone which is still in use for free by more than 100 companies and millions users.

In 2008 SJlabs.com was acquired by MagicJack, a world leader in cloud VOIP and IoT (now NSDQ:CALL, Vocaltec.com), which serve many millions of subscribers. 10M+ units were sold in USA.


Sasha Andreev, SoftJoys CEO and Founder